More into depth with Trivellservice
Founded by professionals of thirty-year experience, Trivellservice s.a.s. is specialized since June 2004 in the sale of drilling machines for water wells and micropiles, drilling equipment for water wells, micropiles, quarries and tunnels, soil investigation drilling rigs, asphalt milling machines and in compressors rental.


  • the latest generation of down-the-hole hammers
  • drill bits for down-the-hole hammers
  • friction welded drill pipes
  • augers with thread connection
  • eccentric overburden drilling equipment
  • casing pipes, casing shoes, drivers and core barrels
  • tooth roller bits and tungsten carbide insert
  • Step and Chevron drag bits
  • diamond core drill bits
  • claw bits double standard
  • threaded rods and quarrying and mining buttons bits
  • foam agents and polymers
  • hand-held rock drills and drill steels
  • asphalt milling machines
  • rubber hoses and compressed air fittings

Our main goal is to offer our clients high quality products with the best possible service, to help them save money and time in their drilling activities.