Toyo Hand held rock drills

Light hand-held rock drills with high drilling speed and low air consumption, ideal for drill steels and tapered tools 7° and 11° drill bits with a shank 22x108mm.
A shock absorber can be applied to all drilling machines to reduce vibrations.
A 25Kg drilling machine can be applied to both block cutters for vertical drilling (granite and marble quarrying) and jacklegs for horizontal drilling (mine, tunnel).
perforatrice a mano


Weight Purging System Handle 5 bar air consumption
13 aria 22×108 mm 1,9 mc/min
17 aria 22×108 mm 2,1 mc/min
24 aria 22×108 mm 2,7 mc/min
25 aria 22×108 mm 3,5 mc/min